Chicken Bog

– 2 3lb bags of long grain white rice
– 1 box Uncle Ben’s Original wild rice
– 1 rotisserie chicken – meat removed
– 2 lbs smoked sausage
– Chicken Broth (enough to cook rice)

Spices (Cajun mix, shrimp boil in a bag, garlic powder, black pepper, bay leaf…. There is not an exact mixture here). But, black pepper is a key in this dish.

Mix all the rice, season packet from Uncle Ben’s and your spice mixture. Pour this into a large pitcher or measuring cup. Remove mixture and hold in bowl / bag. Now measure 2.5 the amount of chicken stock as you had rice mixture.

Place stock in a cast iron pot (you need the heavy bottom) and bring stock to a boil. Add rice/spice mixture, chicken and sausage along with some more black pepper. Give it a quick stir and cap it. Drop the heat to low (simmer). Every 10 min quickly remove the top and stir. After 45 min you should be done.

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